Transportation Electrification Partnership

"…we are committed to help the Greater LA region go further, faster. That's why we are moving toward an additional 25 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution — through accelerating transportation electrification — by the time the world arrives in Los Angeles for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games."

–The Transportation Electrification Partnership’s Leadership Group, September 2018

The Power of Partnership

The Transportation Electrification Partnership (the Partnership), formed by LACI in May 2018, is an unprecedented multi-year partnership among local, regional, and state stakeholders to accelerate progress towards transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement in the Greater LA region (LA) in advance of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our Goal

Accelerate transportation electrification in the Greater LA region towards an additional 25 percent reduction* in GHG emissions and air pollution by 2028 to build on our region’s leadership

Guiding Principles

When visitors & athletes arrive for the Olympics, people and goods can move emissions-free throughout the region

Eliminate range anxiety by ensuring sufficient charging infrastructure

Enhance quality through improved car quality, good jobs and access to mobility

Grow the Greater LA regional economy through transportation electrification


Next Steps

Our hope is that the Roadmap will inspire a diversity of stakeholders to think big and align actions going forward. Together, the Greater LA region can go further, faster and lead the way to an electrified transportation future.

To view the Roadmap, download it here. To learn even more about the Roadmap feel free to contact us.

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